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Today, we were delighted to be interviewed LIVE on air by Marissa Lucchesi from Dundalk FM Town Talk ..
It was a chance for us to get the positive message out there – You can THRIVE through Menopause if you are prepared!

Our upcoming event THRIVE – your Fabulous Menopause Wellness Event – takes place on Saturday 25th September in Bellurgan Park House
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Knowledge is power! Inform yourself, so you can feel the benefits!
Its going to be a really varied & informative day, packed full of actionable take home tips! oh and did we mention our amazing goodie bags? .. the value of these is nearly half the ticket price alone!

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97.7 Dundalk FM town talk

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it is Helen Reddy there and I am a woman. And it’s all about women now for the next segment of the show, because I have two women’s women, I suppose in the studio with me, and Helen Martin and Rachel green of back to You’re very, very welcome. Thank you. Thank you, Marissa. And before we go on, talk about the the event, you’re in outline today, maybe we’ll just go back over how it is that you came back for the benefit of listeners who are not familiar with back to life, because you were, you’re an metapost transformation community. That’s right. So we are and during the last lockdown from January there, and myself and Rachel teamed up together to form a 10 week webinar series on menopause. So just to have women understand what’s going on. And, you know, we delved into all the symptoms of menopause. So it was a 10 week programme, and each week, and the class online would last about an hour, and we had great response to it. So when that was finished, we didn’t want to stop, we were looking for ways to you know, keep going and have women and we decided to create

Unknown Speaker 1:46
back to life, your menopause transformation community. So it’s a free online Group, a Facebook group that you can join. And we have to say it’s been flying since we started, you know, we’re building up our members and great interaction within the group. And we’re there just to to have and to create a positive attitude towards menopause and to be able to, to guide women

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in ways that they need help, you know, with the various symptoms. So from that, then thrive candidate because, you know, all of their restrictions are lifting, which is brilliant. And, yeah, it’s so fabulous people we love the face to face contact, one to one contact, and, and there’s nothing like a live event really. So that kind of brought us to, to what’s happening, and it is thrive. I’m wondering, Rachel, you know, Heather was saying there that this was set up at the during the lockdown? And was it that you were maybe conscious that women who were going through menopause and didn’t necessarily have the information or that the support that they needed was that the whole idea of the lockdown was going to impact on them say very, are overwhelming them? And that’s why that you decided to proceed with this? Well, it wasn’t the it wasn’t, you know, what motivated us to do it. I just think that certain over lockdown, women’s, you know, ability to be able to visit a menopause specialist or do you have to go to their GP was certainly restricted. So, um, you know, putting this, this information out there that Hal and I, you know, did those webinars, I think it was a great source of support and inspiration, and I kind of developed the community spirits. And then that then, you know, was fantastic to be able to form our Facebook group from and then all along, we wanted as we’ve been talking about doing this live event, so we were absolutely delighted to be able to bring us you know, so quickly. And the day for us is all about empowerment. So it’s empowering women with knowledge and also confidence. And and that is our message. So we’re not the only menopause community out there. But we’re a menopause community that would like to put a positive and fun spin on this kind of next stage of our lives. And just to show you that you can actually thrive through it, which is why we chose the the the title for our event, and we’re really excited by it because we have an like a jam packed itinerary, don’t we? It’s

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Yeah. And I think it’s also a chance for women to meet like minded women and to chat and kind of have fun as well. So I think that’s a big aspect of it. So you’re going to learn an awful lot you’re going to have fun. And you know, I think you’re also going to go away with a lot of kind of nutrition nuggets, and also skin nuggets that you’re going to be able to, you know action straightaway. Start creating, for example, your own skincare routine. Helen’s got amazing products that she’s going to be introducing also on the day doing a mini launch. I’m going to be showing you other things as well like supplements. I mean some of the top questions that were asked or

Unknown Speaker 5:00
All the time, you know, what supplements should I be taking? And what are the foods that I should be eating now? So we’re going to answer all of those questions. And also, the burning question that’s on every woman’s lips is should I be taking HRT, so we’re going to go into that as well. And then that way, you know, that whole idea of it to take a job, or GE or not, in the past enough to quite recently, it was, you know, pretty much all the conversations there was around manic menopause, there was nothing else like it’s poker where people didn’t realise that, or maybe nobody pointed out that it could be approached more holistically, and that there’s a lot more to it than just, you know, altering? What’s happening inside with some form of medication? Yeah, I mean, I think there’s been a lot of misinformation out there, certainly about HRT, and you know, women are scared to take it. And we just wanted to give both sides of the story. So you can make an informed choice. And that’s what I’ll be doing on the day. And also talking about the alternative treatments to HRT. So. And there’s, there’s a few of those. And I think the most important thing, and this is the message that I’ll be, you know, shouting loud and clear on the day is nutrition, you have to get your diet in order, because often nutrition can address many problems, that you might have to go to your GP buys. And then you know, they’re treating those issues in isolation, possibly with other medications and things. So it’s about getting into nutrition in order, so that you’re eating rice, because that often solves a lot of problems. that a lot of people happy to hear that by altering your diet, or indeed, you mentioned their alternatives to HRT. And you know, when you say alternatives, is it a different medication? Or is it just an alternative strategy, alternative strategy, and sometimes medications. So for example, with strategy, you’re talking lifestyle interventions, things like acupuncture, or cognitive behavioural therapy is another really good one. Yoga is fantastic. And we actually have a yoga instructor who’s coming in on the day, and he’s going to do a really nice, gentle, relaxing yoga session. With some of the ladies that was a, we had limited numbers for that they’re actually already sold out. So but we still have tickets for the main event. And so if you are interested, ladies, just go onto our website, it’s back to It’s all hyphenated though BAC hyphen to hyphen life dot E, and you can see all the information there and also booked the tickets. But yes, there’s plenty of alternative therapies. Sorry, I’m kind of circling back to your question here.

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Helen, you obviously you’re coming out under the skin expert. And, you know, that is the thing. And by the way, I saw you recently in boots.

Unknown Speaker 7:41
Suggested products. And you know, I was very impressed. I think what impressed me most was that you didn’t veer towards the most expensive product so that, you know that there were some absolute little nuggets in there that would just you know, they’re they’re powered by level by level there lately. And, you know, I think for women who are maybe going through menopause and haven’t been taking care of their skin properly over the years, to bombard somebody with these high actives, and a very complicated skin regimes, it’s not going to work, you know, you need to keep it simple. So that, you know, and that’s what I’ll be enforcing on the day is to just get that routine down to a fine art. Not only that, get to know your skin type, get to know what changes are happening, get to look at your skin, get to know your skin, you know, every morning, check in and say okay, yeah, actually feel really good today. And you know what, a lot of that comes down to that whole 360 approach that you put in place, your lifestyle, your diet, what you’re eating, what you’re drinking, if you’re not drinking enough water, if you’re drinking too much alcohol, you know, all these factors play a huge part. So not only are your is your body going through menopause, but what you’re doing alongside that can have a huge impact on your skin. And I think that’s what I’ll be teaching on the day is how to recognise what skin type you have, how to recognise if problems occur in your skin. And a lot of the time these problems occur because maybe you’re using the wrong product, or you’re eating the wrong foods, you’re not getting enough exercise. Our lymphatic system, for example, is

Unknown Speaker 9:18
an amazing system in the body that helps clear out all the toxins and if your lymphatic system isn’t working properly, you’re not getting it doesn’t have a pump like the heart. It has to be pumped so it’s up to us to get a bit of gentle exercise in every day. And when that works properly, then it impacts our skin as well. So all these little top tips I will be given on the day to how we can incorporate all these aspects of our lifestyle to to help our skin as well. No one bought products to use know what products to stay away from is huge as well because I’m not just talking about baby wipes here. I’m talking about a product that’s on the shelf or that is in a salon. That is

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Maybe not the right product for your skin type, or for what your skin needs, and professional treatments, treatments you can do at home, I have an amazing new brand that I am going to have a mini launch on the day. So keep tuned, because nobody else will see this before the 25th of September. And these devices are absolutely amazing products and devices to use at home, yourself to help care for your skin. So, you know, there’s loads of nice little nuggets in there as well. For all our attendees, we also have amazing goodie bags. Yes, for everybody. We’ve had a lot of support in getting loads of nice little freebies for everybody for the goodie bags. So, you know, that’s a little plus for all the attendees, everyone loves it.

Unknown Speaker 10:48
Yeah. Can I ask you a question? Does menopause end because I remember when I was talking to somebody I was and I was going through menopause, and they pointed out to me, no, you’re not going through because you’re not get through it, it’s you know, it’s just the next stage of your life. But it’s not that there is this period where, you know, things stop happening and other things start happening. And, and that, you know, maybe if you if there is an intervention like H or T to get you through, but you know, within a given period of time, that’s it, it’s gone. It will everything was back to normal, but is that where it is? No, no, this is like the gateway to the next stage of your life. Okay, and it’s about managing those symptoms. And you do have an acute period where the symptoms, you know, are, let’s say more prevalent, you know, the frequency, the duration, you know, all of that would be the intensity can be you know, acute sleds day. But, you know, we look, that period will also pass as well. But it’s really down to how you manage this, it’s known as perimenopause. And this is the phase this test can last for a decade, so up to 10 years, and that you really need to get your diet, your lifestyle and all of those treatment interventions in order because once you kind of pass that kind of perimenopausal phase and you’re into menopause, or post menopause, that’s when you will notice that, you know, you no longer have a period, it’s incredibly freeing, you know, you just feel you know, more confident you feel better, and especially if you’ve, you know, really managed that period, that tenure can be up to 10 years. I’m not saying it is 10 years, but it can be up to 10 year period, really, really well or as best as you can. Okay, 10 years

Unknown Speaker 12:26
ago, I decided one thing as well, you know, a lot of women out there in their 40s, early 40s

Unknown Speaker 12:33
would say I’m quite happy to leave it. I don’t want to know about it right now. I’m happy to bury my head. And I don’t want to know not there. Yes, thanks very much. But can I just say this, that’s the time when you need to be putting all these little things in place, gradually introducing change. Because if you leave it till you’re through all the perimenopause stage, and you’re into menopause, I’m not saying you can’t make changes you can. But to have those changes, you know, 10, eight, five years, even before you hit menopause can make a huge difference in your journey through it. So any woman out there who thinks you know, I’m 42, I’m 43 I’m not there yet, I have no symptoms, just bear in mind that there is a lot to learn that can help you going forward in the next 10 years. So okay, bring you through it more confident. And just to say also that menopause, the around your experience is really individual. So they say it’s as individual as your fingerprint. So some women will experience all 43 current known symptoms, and other women will literally experience nothing and just sail through or so it just it is definitely worthwhile being informed so that you know that, you know, if you do start noticing changes or symptoms, that you you know, what’s happening and that you can take action. And that that is true. Isn’t that that you those 43 symptoms, because I think traditionally people thought it was okay, you know, your period stops, and you’re gonna get dreadful mood swings. You’re gonna get these horrible hot flushes and

Unknown Speaker 14:04
gain weight. back. Yeah. But every time you look, there seem to be something else. Yeah, and so many people have said, women have said to me, oh, my goodness, that was happening, but I didn’t even associate Yeah. Very common. Yeah, very, very common. And there’s so many of those kind of like, micro symptoms, as you think of them, you know, because they’re not enough to kind of go to your doctor with, but you’re, you know, they’re they’re impacting your day to day life, you know, somehow. And I think it’s really interesting when you actually look at the variety of different symptoms, and this is something that I’m going to be you know, telling women about as well on the day, and it’s just staggering. You know, it really is, but it doesn’t have to, you know, impact your your day to day life. You can actually get through it feeling happy. And I think that’s that happiness and confidence. That’s the biggest thing you know, because the most surprising symptom of menopause is the anxiety, depression and the loss of confidence.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
It just comes out of the blue, you know, so I’m just, you know, feeling in this is what I’m talking about the empowerment. And that’s what we want to do, you know, and knowledge is power. So and I think when you got a roomful of women together, you know, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
But but it’s also having the conversation and for a long time, people wouldn’t or wouldn’t, didn’t want to admit would or wouldn’t admit to it and, okay, they might go to their doctor, and, and, you know, seek something there, but it wasn’t, you know, they wouldn’t sit around. Whereas, you know, when you do talk to other people is very much that sort of shared? Yes, completely. And I think, you know, society has a lot to do with that, because I saw and that the HSE is clapping themselves in the back over this one, they are now finally going to launch specialist clinics around the country. That’s like, thank you very much after all this time, you know, whereas other people have started that conversation, and now you’re coming very late to this party. Yeah. Better late than ever. Exactly. No, anything has been done about yourself. Yeah. Which is great. Okay, well, just very quickly,

Unknown Speaker 16:06
maybe it take us through thrive, what is exactly is gonna be happening on the day, because you’re there from 930 to 5pm, out in the beautiful surrounds of Bergen has their lovers out there? Yeah, it’s absolutely a stunning venue. And so we are going to feed you for the day. So that’s the first bit of good news, Bobby, the hat is going to be fabulous, healthy food, I’m actually catering the event. And so and all the foods that I’m recommending and discussing in my presentation will be featured in the food. So just to kind of show you, you know how you can make the healthy food delicious as well. So that’s the first thing and we have, we’re kind of splitting the day up between us. So I’m doing you know, my kind of introduction to matapos going through symptoms, I’m going to do a whole piece on nutrition and supplements. And I’m going to do a full hours talk on HRT as well. So because there’s a lot to talk about there, it’s a huge topic, and I’m going to be cramming that into that one hour. And then Helen, yeah, I’m going to be dealing with a lot of education around your skin. So knowing exactly what’s happening, what the changes are during menopause, because like that, when you’re armed with this information, you can make better choices in what products and what treatments you like to use. So the first

Unknown Speaker 17:24
half an hour is me educating everybody on their skin type and how to recognise

Unknown Speaker 17:30
changes. And then in the afternoon, I will be going through skincare products, skincare tools, what you can do at home, what salon treatments would be best for different skin issues that may occur during menopause. So yeah, and the mini launch of that lovely new range. And your mom Stuart as well, we have an Stuart coming in to do a lovely gentle yoga session in the morning with us. And we are going to have some guided meditation and a little walk to get some fresh air and we finish on a high with rasa, we have a sleep optimization coach sleep.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
She’s a sleep. She’s amazing and fantastic, really talented presenter as well. And so this is not a session where we’re all gonna be kind of dozing off. She’s gonna have us up and active and everything. So yeah, so we finished with Trapasso. So we’re really excited. We have a really nice variety, I think. And there’s also a couple of breaks in there, obviously, as well as lunch break mid afternoon and mid morning breaks as well. So exit stuff, obviously, you have to book in advance. And I suppose, just to advise people, you will be requiring that they have COVID immunity, whether it’s a vaccine or proof that they affect over the last six months. Yeah. So it’s a prerequisite? Absolutely. And it’s a box that you have to take on our booking form when you book in. So it’s if you just go onto our website back to life, so it’s back hyphen to hyphen And you can see that there’s a button there at the top to click for thrive. And you click on that and there’s you just booked now, so there’s still some tickets available. They have thankfully been selling well. And which we’re delighted about. Boss we’d love to you know to fill the space on the day so please if you’re in any way interested or curious even

Unknown Speaker 19:23
and yeah, I think it’s going to be a really good fun day. zanza listen as fascinating as always, Helen Martin Rachel green thank you so much for dropping in. Thank you so much. 97.7 Dundalk FM town talk

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